Happy Diwali!!


Happy Friendship Day


Are you close?


Probably you are close …
Close to life
Close to love
Close to money
Close to success
Close to your dreams
Close to friendship


Don’t give up, for it is close to you. Maybe the next step and you’ll hit the goal.

If only you keep hope and keep trying! Please oh please go ahead and never look back. Always keep hope.


For there’s God who loves everyone and helps those who help themselves.

God is always saying that “I love you forever and I want you live and love yourself, your life & keep hope.


I hope this posts cheers you up, even if it makes at least one of you happy, I’d be grateful and happy.

Happy friendship day and
Happy Narali Poornima in advance.

1st Chapter of CAP 2, my new book! Exclusive for you!

CAP Series 2Oodhi Baba!1
CAP Series 2

Here’s the first chapter for you to enjoy!
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
Copyright © 2017 HEMDIVA DEV

This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
without the express written permission of the author
except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.
All rights reserved.


The karate class ended early. Chinky and Pinky stood outside the school’s big entrance gate. One by one, each of their classmates had already left for home. Both the girls waited for their moms to come, as usual. The street that was buzzing when the school left, was now pin-drop silent and empty. The evening sky was blue with many clouds. Chinky was very active, still practicing her karate moves while Pinky watched her. Chinky wore a red sweater over blue jeans and her black hair was tied in a ponytail. Pinky, attired in a pink sweater over violet pant, had left her short brown hair open as usual.

Suddenly, Pinky felt something touch her knee. It felt hard and pointed, against her pant. When she looked down, she screamed with shock. Chinky was startled and she stopped her moves at once. A very big, brown dog glared at the girls. His sharp teeth grabbed Pinky’s pant.
Pinky held her hands to her chest and cried, “Leave me! Mummy!”

The dog let go her pant and growled. Pinky rushed behind Chinky and hugged her. Chinky was scared too but she tried to be brave.

“Shoo….o… Go… Go… ooo…”, Chinky commanded the dog. But instead of listening to her, the dog came closer and closer. The girls stepped back in fear.

“Run…!”, Chinky didn’t realize what she just said but she and Pinky sprinted together.

The dog barked and followed them.
Chinky ran as fast as she can and so did Pinky. They had no idea where they’re heading. The dog was still behind them. His high-pitched barks stated that clearly.

Chinky and Pinky turned to the right and then once again took right from the city circle.
Running and running, holding each others hand, Chinky noticed that the barking has long been ended. She turned back still running, to find there was no dog.

“The dog’s gone!”, she informed Pinky, who was breathless from running. Pinky dropped on the ground and Chinky sat beside her. They both took long breaths. Pinky wiped her tears and held her head, it rotated so badly.

Chinky felt thirsty so she took out her water bottle from her school bag. Pinky took it from her hand and without even asking, she started drinking the water. Chinky stared as Pinky sipped the last drop of water. Pinky handed the bottle back and closed her eyes. Chinky shook the bottle, the empty bottle, holding it straight up, trying to get some water. A tiny drop ran from the bottom of the bottle and made it’s way down touching her lip. Chinky licked her lips, her throat felt dry.

Pinky pressed her legs, they pained a lot. She looked at her pink shoes, they’re covered in mud. She felt bad because the pink shoes were a birthday gift.
“Let’s go back!”, Chinky got up.

“No!”, Pinky cried.

Chinky turned back and frowned at Pinky.

“The dog! He must still be there!”, Pinky got up too.

“But, mom must be waiting!”, Chinky pinched her nose.

Pinky was about to say something but she didn’t know what to say, Chinky was right.

“Okay… But…”

“But what? Come let’s go!”, Chinky declared.

“But the dog… I’m scared of him”, Pinky held Chinky’s arm.

“Don’t be scared. Be brave! We can’t sit here. We should try”, Chinky answered gulping her own fear.

“Do you know the way back?”, Pinky asked.

“No….”, Chinky realized suddenly looking at the empty street.

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Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine Day!

Fall in love with words and let the plot steal your heart. Say ‘Yes’ to the book cover. And get a happily ever chapter forever. That’s Valentine for a booklover.

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