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Tanhaai na ho kabhi

Challenges come Challenges go Love Stays Seasons come Seasons go Hopes stay Shades come Shades go Colors Stay Friends come Friends go Friendship stays Age comes Age goes Experience stays Books come Books Go Stories stay People come People go You & I stay.... Forever...!

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#Kites in the Sky! Fly High!

Buy it today! https://pothi.com/pothi/book/hemdiva-dev-cap-series-12  

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I Love You!!

Happiest New Year 2018!! Wishing everyone a very happy new year! Thank you for all the praises, in all the infinite ways and all the support. This new year I pray for good luck, health, wealth, love and lots of happiness for my dear readers. May all your good wishes come true in the most… Continue reading I Love You!!

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My year 2017

So 2017 began with lots of hopes and energy. This year turned out be “B”, B for Blogs, B for Books and B for baking! I started writing my new blogs over blogger, reviewing books and interviewing authors. That made the reader in me feel like I’m on the top of this world! I read… Continue reading My year 2017

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Thank you for… 4K !!!

Thank you for visiting my blog every time! My blog stats reached 4000 hits and more! I'm happy and really thankful!  

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Checkout my Books To Read this Halloween       Image By Freephotocc Sometimes you see everything but observe nothing... Sometimes you feel everything but notice nothing... Sometimes you say everything but mean nothing... Sometimes you hear everything but listen nothing... Sometimes you consume everything but taste nothing... Sometimes you admire everything but love nothing...… Continue reading Life…

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Happy Diwali!!