Princess Hemdiva Dev

Welcome to the personal blog of Author Hemdiva Dev

Hemdiva loves writing Horrors, Thrillers and Mysteries. And contrary to her books, she enjoys a fairytale life with her gorgeous Mummy( who’s secretly a Fairy) in India.

She writes, blogs, reviews books, interviews authors and is also a food blogger.

She just recently completed a Diploma In Naturopathy.

This indian author dedicates her complete time for writing. Writing is her passion, hobby, profession and life.

Poetic by nature, she loves writing poems every now and then.

She is the Author of the series “CAP” & “Sonu” for Children. She loves to write and read books. Thanks for visiting her blog.

Her book is published on Amazon as well as Smashwords and all leading websites(Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple bookstore, Lulu, etc)
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Hemdiva participates in Nanowrimo every year. It’s through Nano that her writing journey began!

Hemdiva loves reading as well!
Her favourite genres are Horror, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy and Mystery. But she reads anything that holds her interest. She reviews books for free on her new book blog Books

Thanks for checking out her blog! Let her know in the comments if you loved being here.

Hemdiva Loves Ganpati Bappa and has strong faith in The Secret !
शेंदूर लाल चढायो अच्छा गजमुखको
दोंदिल लाल बिराजे सूत गौरीहरको
हाथ लिए गुड-लड्डू साईं सुरवरको
महिमा कहे ना जाय लागत हूँ पदको

जय जय श्री गणराज विध्यासुखदाता
धन्य तुम्हारा दर्शन मेरा मन रमता

अष्टो सिद्धि दासी संकटको बैरी
विघनाविनाशन मंगल मूरत अधिकारी
कोटि सूरजप्रकाश ऐसी छबि तेरी
गंड-स्थल मदमस्तक झूले शाशिहारी

जय जय श्री गणराज विध्यासुखदाता
धन्य तुम्हारा दर्शन मेरा मन रमता

भावभगत से कोई शरणागत आवे
संतति सम्पति सभी भरपूर पावे
ऐसे तुम महाराज मोको अति भावे
गोसावीनंदन निशिदिन गुण गावे

जय जय श्री गणराज विध्यासुखदाता
धन्य तुम्हारा दर्शन मेरा मन रमता

Writing is an Art and
A Writer is an Artist
The Laptop is a Canvas
And the Thoughts are the Colours
The Novel is the Painting that reflects the Author”
-Princess Hemdiva

“The Gift of health is keeping me alive”- The Secret


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