I’d love to INTERVIEW you!

I’d love to INTERVIEW you

Yes, you read it right. I’m already interviewing author and reviewing books on my blog. I’d love to do the same for you as well.

Please check out my blog, where I review books and interview authors- http://authorhemdivareviews.blogspot.com

Book Genres I Prefer
Horror:[Psychological Thrillers, Paranormal, ghosts, Mystery, YA, General ] ALL
Children’s:[All Fiction & Non-Fiction]
Self- Help
Health and Mind


Romance:[Romantic Comedys’, Classic, Drama]
Chick Lit
Picture Books
Colouring Books
Travel Books
Fashion Books

So if you’ve a book, you think falls in any of the above genre, pl let me know by leaving a comment or fill the contact form here-Books

If you’d like an interview, also let me know and I will send you the questions.

If you’re a Reader, I’ve something for you too. How about a reader interview? If you find yourself interested, also use the same way to contact me.


Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day!



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