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A New Life


A New Life

Welcome to my newly renovated blog. I thought it was time that my blog gets a new look.
As I was searching for themes on wordpress, I found ‘Twenty seventeen’ and I just loved it. It’s just perfect as it has a good number of features and most important it’s free!

A few things to note, I’ve added all my social links on the sidebar. So be sure to join me there! I’d like to connect back.

I’ve also added my book trailers which you can enjoy right away on my blog itself.

I promise to post regularly now! Really!

You’ll also find a list of ‘Blogs I follow’ and ‘Posts I Like’ at footer.

If you’re wondering where I was…. I could be scuba diving, paragliding, mountain climbing, reading, sleeping, world touring, bunking, procrastinating, writing, eating, baking, dancing and thinking…




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