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Happy New Year 2017


Hello lovely readers, how are you?
The year’s coming to an end. Like always, it feels that it was 1st Jan 2016 almost yesterday.
This year is wonderful, there’s been a lot of magic and love!
I wish that before the new year comes, all your dreams maybe fulfilled. Even if it was to get a new pen or a new house or the love of your life!
Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog the complete year! I’ll love to have you for all the coming years.
Keh do tumhe ya chup rahu, Dil mein mere aaj kya hai?
2016 has been a lovely and progressive year! I got my books published, sold out and did interviews.

Get all my books at a special price here – http://viewauthor.at/Hemdiva

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of my success! Really thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Also it was my blogiversary recently, my blog is two years old! Wow!
Blog is with words, letters, pictures, videos, writer (me) and off course readers like you! Cheers to everyone!
Thank you wordpress as well, without whom this would’ve not been possible.

Before the new year arrives, Christmas came! I hope Santa fulfilled all your wishes and may you get 100 gifts!
Christmas this year was special too, after so many years I placed a sock for Santa to keep my gift in! And guess what, I got two gifts!
I’m so happy! Thank you my Secret Santa! Btw, I know who my secret santa is and i guess everyone knows!
I even knew that when I was just 6! lol It’s just impossible to surprise totally extra-ordinary and intelligent kids, like me! ;p
I thank Santa for all the gifts I received all my life ever since I was born and also for those I will receive in the future! Thanks a lot!
But still it’s so fun to get gifts, open them impatiently and laugh crazily. I hope all of your wishes were fulfilled, even if they are yet to come true just keep hope.
And I got a Santa cap too! A red velvet cake too! Did I mention marshmallows? Lovely time! Chote mera birthday ayaa!

Like always I won Nano! Yippie!


Tomorrow is a great day, the New Year begins, actually begins tonight! When the clock ticks 12 and a second later, the new year starts!
SO Happy New Year in advance!!
I wish you the most amazing, wonderful, lovely and luxurious ever!
May you achieve every goal, luck be by your side and success come your way!
I’m so excited for my new year plans! No resolutions this year only actions! Befikra bhi hona jaruri hai!

I wanna go Switzerland! And right away try Potato Rosti! Mouth-watering! I love potatoes!
The All new Fortuner from Toyota is perfect! And Baleno is good too.

I’m also creating my wishlist of 100 and more things to do in 2017! I’d be sharing with you some of my wishes soon! It is inspired completely by Jack Canfield’s list. I’d suggest you to create one too!
Also subscribe to My Daily Love, Mastin Kipp’s blog. It’s really inspiring and helpful. Many times I find Mastin writing about answers exactly for what I’d a question about.
If not already, read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne! It’s the perfect book for everyone and you’ll get solutions for all your worries.
Trust me, you’ll only thank me!
If you just wanna check it out, ‘The Magic’ in the series is really a magical book! It has created magic in my life.

I’d always remember 2016 as the most life changing and memorable year ever! I thank 2016, the year, the months, the weeks, the weekends, the hours, the minutes and the seconds too from the core of my heart.
This year also gave me many cooking adventures and travels! Again, Thanks!
Shukriya, Meherbani!

See’ya next year?! Am I right or Am I right? lol

Again, wish you the most happy year ahead!


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