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I’m in love…

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!
Hope you’d a lovely time! Sorry for late post. But it’s ever valentine when you’re in love!

The news is…

I’m in love…..

Yes, I’m saying it! Like it mostly happens that you are in love but you don’t realise… Then people around you, notice, chat, question you and make you notice yourself!
I should’ve known, the way I kept smiling, blushing and talking about… You know whom!
But then I had no idea about the signs and symptoms of love.
Few years ago, tell me I’m in love and I would be like “I know, I know you are joking!”
Now, tell me I’m in love and my answer will be, “How did you come to know that?”

Valentine’s day was so special this time… And as you know I never felt like that before, I was very happy this time!

It’s great feeling when someone makes you feel special about yourself! Someone gives you the power to dominate them! Someone names their life after you! You feel so special!
And you can ignore everyone saying “You’re in love!”. But how do you avoid when, the person’s eyes tell you?!
Well.. It’s definitely the best feeling in the world!
In the company of my love, I forget the world!
I forget the time, weather, hunger and thirst!
I forget Myself! Lol
I’ve to admit that my mom is my First Valentine! This time too she asked me To Be Her Valentine!
So basically, I’d two dates!!
Excited!!!!! Going Crazy!!! Biting my Nails!!!
Now should I tell you about…. My Love?
Okay I’ll try!! Caring, Loving, Handsome, Cute, vulnerable, innocent, my darling!!!
I’m in love!
In love with WRITING!
And writing is in love with me!
My first date with my Mom and second with my novel! Lol
Excited to know how everyone spend their valentine day? Do tell me.


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