Chinky Pinky on Amazon Kindle

chinky pinky cover final
Chinky Pinky : A Birdy Adventure

A treat for the child in you! This book is inspired from the bedtime stories my mom narrated to me when I was a kid.
The characters are the one you will fall in love with. The plot will keep you engaged!

My debut book! Today at a SPECIAL PRICE!

I remember starting this blog, a year ago, with only thing in my mind that one day, I’ll post “I Published my book!”. it was dream than….
And dreams do come true! Thank you God so much! It feels like this my Christmas gift! And I just love it! Thank you! Yes, thank you! You’ll have supported me through out, thanks!
I did tell you that there’s a surprise! This is it! And there are more to come! Stay tuned like always!


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