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D.. D.. Diwali & N.. N.. Nano




The more the diyas, the more the light, the more the happiness and the more the prosperity.
This year it’s Nano with Diwali and my laptop sort of slept just before Nano… It’s still asleep! I even opened up the complete device, before your thoughts race, letmetellyou, I’m yet to be a Computer Engineer. Also, I’m self trained computer expert 😉 😉 Lol I just opened it to check what’s not right…, and after opening it completely I still haven’t figured out anything wrong. I’m handwriting my novel for now. I will always be writing, hope to, with more ease.
Hope the light of Diwali awakens the soul of my laptop who is sleeping with all my awesome writing stored in it’s heart.
Happy Diwali again!


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