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A little about Princess


Hello there! Welcome to this amazing world that I’ve created. It’s so great to have you here…
I’m soon gonna be publishing my work, I’ll definitely let you know. I’m also a full jukepop author. My stories are still available on the site and I would be glad if you could go check them out.
Writing is my passion and I realised that recently but have been writing since I was a kid.
Poems are my love! I compose them now and then… Sometimes they turn out funny, sometimes scary! Haha..
I try to be funny sometimes but my jokes aren’t that funny! Don’t worry you’ll get used to it.
I’m a shy little girl and also a bookworm! I finish most books in a day or two! Yeah, that’s me! Lol
I love to make friends and meet new good people but I can be weird sometimes… 😛
Random things about me:
A big Foodie
TV addict
I watch cartoons a lot
Love Travelling

And the most important thing, I love love love love to Write! I know, you had no idea! XD
If I take longer to reply, which I won’t mostly, please be patient. I would definitely try to reply back asap. All the images used, thoughts expressed are my own, to the best of my knowledge and unless otherwise stated,and shall not be used without my consent. ©

WRITING is an Art and
A Writer is an Artist
The Laptop is a Canvas
And the Thoughts are the Colours
The Novel is the Painting that reflects the Author”

Thank you again. Please let me know you were here by leaving a reply. I love to talk, too.


2 thoughts on “A little about Princess”

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I’d never heard of Jukepop before, but I went and read some of your chapters of The LIfeless–good job! I’m writing a serial on my blog right now. It’s pretty fun; I’ve never written one before.

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