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Happy Makar Sankrant (2)

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I Love You!!

Happiest New Year 2018!!

Wishing everyone a very happy new year!

Thank you for all the praises, in all the infinite ways and all the support.

This new year I pray for good luck, health, wealth, love and lots of happiness for my dear readers.


May all your good wishes come true in the most beautiful ways.

May your shelf be always filled with wonderful books (Including Mine)!!
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May you always find enough time for yourself, your family and friends and of course for reading.

May by the end of this year, you feel satisfied and joyous.

May all the hurdles vanish and success reach you.

So dearest readers, many of whom bought my book when it was still new, I love you! Happy New Year 2018!

Stay Blessed.

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My year 2017

So 2017 began with lots of hopes and energy. This year turned out be “B”, B for Blogs, B for Books and B for baking!

I started writing my new blogs over blogger, reviewing books and interviewing authors. That made the reader in me feel like I’m on the top of this world!
I read and discovered many genres, characters and new authors. It feels like a whole new world.
I remember when I was little I always wondered what an author would be like! I never what I would be one, ever! And nor did I thought I’d meet and discover new authors in the way.
If you still, like still, haven’t heard or seen my blog, this is the chance for you! Head to http://authorhemdivareviews.blogspot.com

I published new books, edited my previously published books and had a lot of fun. I agree it did get a stressful sometimes but thank god everything was fine.
I even updated the covers, the paperback books and the hardcovers.   http://viewauthor.at/hemdiva

I baked a lot of things (some were fried but you’ll never know)! That’s a victory in itself!

A lot of changes occurred in my personal life too and I accept them as I believe “Change means Growth”
I rediscovered many things and even myself. Life was tough as well as sweet and even heavenly.

I thank God for all the 365 days I lived and for the progress I made. I feel blessed being an author for not every one can write and not every one has the freedom to follow their dreams.

I thank God for giving me my eternal gift of love, my mummy! She’s my world.

I also thank all my readers and blog buddies for always being there, following my blog and appreciating my work.

Thank you 2017! Good Bye!

Stay blessed.


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Sometimes you see everything
but observe nothing…

Sometimes you feel everything
but notice nothing…

Sometimes you say everything
but mean nothing…

Sometimes you hear everything
but listen nothing…

Sometimes you consume everything
but taste nothing…

Sometimes you admire everything
but love nothing…

Sometimes you live everything
but breathe nothing…


Hemdiva Dev