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Aye Halo!

Wishing my readers a very very happy Navratri! May you achieve success, happiness and love in your life! May you overcome all your inner flaws. May the good in you win over all the evils. As a child, I went to play garba wearing oversize chaniacholi (I was so little, it was hard to find… Continue reading Aye Halo!

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Growing up

That age when dreams shatter one by one Emotions scatter one by one Where you realize all promises you made as a kid are far from reach Where responsibilities take hold of you Love is on your mind But not so kind Life is impossible But still you’re the head That age Where past seems… Continue reading Growing up

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That girl in the peacock dress

After a long long time, I happend to travel by the train. Ha.. Its the lifeline but we had been avoiding it for so long. Boy it was so packed! Me and my mum had to stand as all the seats were occupied. Even the fourth seats! And everyone we asked was going to the… Continue reading That girl in the peacock dress

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The love letter

It said "I Love You" A crore times It said "You're beautiful" A Billion times It talked about promises "To be Together forever" It talked about "Love that will last" It described the "Eyes" It described the "lips" It hoped of "Meetings and First Date" It hoped for a "Response" It hoped for a "Yes"… Continue reading The love letter